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An Important Message

Times Have Changed

And the wedding business has changed too. It's vastly different than it was ten years ago. Even just five years ago.

I am not closing the doors, not going out of business, not quitting photography

Photography has been 100% of my full time work and my full time income for my entire working life. And will continue to be so.

Going forward, I am no longer offering "full service wedding photography".

It's been great, traveling to wonderful locations. Spending time with great families on one of the happiest days of all of their lives. It's been great that this has been my full time life's work. In beautiful locations. Making amazing photos.

Going forward:

If you need unlimited hours of coverage, or even 8 hours of coverage, if you need multiple photographers, or a video team with a drone pilot, I'm no longer offering those services. And no longer want to take on bookings that require that level of complexity.

If you need a photographer outside of the Albany-Saratoga Springs, Lake George, or extreme northern Catskill regions, I'm no longer traveling outside of those regions.

It's sad to say good bye to the beautiful beautiful locations in Vermont, The Berkshires, the lower Hudson Valley, Manhattan, The Finger Lakes, Litchfield County in northwestern Connecticut. I'll deeply miss working in those places.

My New Direction

Will involve hewing closer to my roots as a photojournalist and wedding photojournalist.

It will also involve serving clients that I never really was able to connect with as often as I would have liked.

And those clients are ones who are having much smaller weddings. A favorite wedding for over a decade and a half was one that involved a full church ceremony with nine, yes nine total people in the church, plus the priest and myself. Another favorite was the couple, a small wedding party, and about 40 guests. I love "The" small wedding.

This new direction will also involve serving those clients who may very well be having a larger wedding. But just don't want "all those wedding photos".

I have done multiple weddings where the first time I saw the bride on the wedding day was when she walked up the aisle. And that was just fine. Ones where I was done a very short time after the reception started.

Maybe you want just a couple hours out of the day photographed. Maybe you just want the ceremony and some family portraits, along with couple's portraits and that's it. I had a couple get in touch who were having a beautiful Adirondack Mountain wedding. My ideal type of client in my ideal type of setting. It was all tailor made for me.

But they just didn't want "all those wedding photos". So, we never became a team.

That's all changed.

So if you are having a smaller wedding or just want a smaller amount of wedding photography, get in touch with me!

It's easy. Just Contact Me At This Link

As I have for years now, I look forward to hearing from a new couple, excited about their upcoming wedding.

And as I have believed for my entire wedding career: Love is love.

Health and happiness to all ..