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In this image from me working as a Saratoga Springs wedding photographer, a bride’s dress hangs at the ready in a downtown Broadway hotel. I don’t believe wedding photography should be about endless detail photos. A wedding is about people, fun, life affirming moments. Emotion. Not possessions or the things you command. Years from now will you cherish a picture of your shoes? Many of the possessions of a wedding day will be gone from your life, save for the memories and the photographs. So what will you choose to cherish?..Having said that, I do like to shoot some key wedding details. 

 I always like to make a great wedding dress photo. The dress is incredibly symbolic and is always one of a kind. Something unique in a person’s life and a cultural touchstone for us in the west. It symbolizes a turning point in life. Marks a milestone.

I do love to shoot some ring detail photos. The rings will be with you for life. Unless you’re like the friend who lost his 2 days later on a beach honeymoon. Oh well, he will always know where it is … Rings can be historic, coming from a family member. I wear my Grandfather’s wedding band (had to cut what seemed like a mortgage’s worth of gold out of it to make it fit me as I’m not the steel worker he was …) and my wife Barbara has my Grandmother’s engagement stone. Rings can be beautiful and unique, an expression of the couple and their current life. I see so many beautiful designs today.

And there are always some detail photos of the places of the wedding day, such as the ceremony and reception rooms. Beautiful pictures of these places that won’t feel like an advertisement for the place 3 years after your wedding .. That is what I strive for..

Location: Saratoga Springs, NY.

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