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lake placid wedding photographer

Lake Placid Club wedding photos..Wedding photos from Lake Placid are always spectacular. The scenery, the surroundings. The rustic Adirondacks. Meghan and Travis chose the Lake Placid Club for their wedding to be part of the scenery, to see the sweeping views that have brought so many for centuries to these mountains. As they began their first dance, she smiled, just so at him. A simple moment that spoke volumes about how the two of them feel about each other...As a lake placid wedding photojournalist, I’ll take the images you’d expect at a wedding such as great family group photos and wonderful bride and groom portraits. But my approach goes so much further. I’m always looking for the little moments from the wedding day such as this. The moments at every wedding that speak volumes about the feelings, the emotions, the relationships and the connections with friends. Those are the images that will end up on your walls, prominently displayed for all to see who you really are, what things mean to you.

Location: The Lake Placid Club.

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