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Wedding Photography Pricing

Pricing for my Wedding Photography Services

We're entering new territory with new goals for wedding photos and new ideas for the wedding day. My a la carte pricing structure, instead of pre made packages, has always been the best way for you to get exactly what you want and need. And is the best way to make your budget work best for you!

You'll get a full time experienced pro who can ask you the right questions early on, and can help you figure out what you need, instead of you having to spend time shopping through a bunch of photographers to get some idea of what you should be "getting". As that experienced full time pro, I guide you and help you plan, beginning well before the wedding, so that you don't have to figure it all out on your own.

Do you need or want (the sales-tactic of) print + album credits? A lighting assistant? Unlimited coverage with multiple photographers? You'll get the expert guidance of a full time pro to help your decision making process who will explain what things are and what might be best for you. You'll be asked the questions that will help you clarify your thoughts to arrive at the point where you, and I, understand what you really want in a wedding photographer.

No two weddings are the same. Rest assured that you'll get years of full time experience at your disposal which will help keep you from missing out on something. Or will keep you from making the mistake of booking way too much or a little too little. And that full time experience will help guide you in the planning and organizing that goes on in the days before your wedding so that you don't have to invest too much time time and worry in figuring it all out before I can do what I do to ensure it all goes smoothly.

Regarding Our New World:

Social interactions have changed. Each inquiry I get and each client I work with have always been treated as unique. But we're in a new world now. What we do together as a team on your wedding day may now hold new requirements and goals for the wedding day. My deep experience means I can handle it all for you.

SO CONTACT ME AT THIS LINK with a little bit of info about your wedding so we can speak about your ideas and needs. I can offer you ideas as well as a custom quote for my wedding photography which makes it easy for you to get the photos you want, tailored to your needs.

All Weddings Come With:

› Planning, photography on the wedding day, and completion of your images performed personally by Mitch. No "managers", no associates, no outsourcing of the work to third party fulfillment companies in some other country.

› Color corrected digital files, ready for you to print or use in other self-service ways.

› A 6 month online proofing gallery to view your images, share them, and order basic sized prints.

› Online downloading of your finished images. This gets you your images that much faster! Your images will be stored online where you may return to download them for up 6 months after the wedding! Longer storage times can be arranged.

› The ability to book me for a basic collection of services or items. Then add to that if you want as we run up to your wedding day. An example would be to know that you want to book me because you love my style and experience. So we sign a contract and I'm booked for a basic amount of time. Then, as we move closer to the wedding, you can add to that contract if you want. An example is adding more coverage time in advance of the wedding day.

› Travel within the Capital - Saratoga region is included free

› The ability to decide if you want a book or album up to 1 year AFTER the wedding. Some folks just don't know about all those things like prints and albums. With me, you get time to decide and can add it later once you've seen your great images!

Clients commonly spend about 1,400 to 2,400 with me for 5-8 hour weddings which often have about 50-150 people. I have done weddings much larger and smaller. With far, far more hours of photography or smaller elopements and intimate weddings with only a couple hours of photography.
For small weddings and elopements, which usually involve 2-3 hours and around 20 people or less, most clients will spend between 500 and 950 with me as a common range for these sorts of small weddings.

Please get in touch with me At This Link Today so that I can learn about your wedding and provide a custom quote for wedding photography for you.

Upgrades with pricing available upon request

› Additional consecutive hours of wedding day Photography time with Mitch.

› Second Photographer for a specified amount of time.

› Retouching and full artistic enhancement of packs of 5 select digital files.

› Engagement session up to 2 hrs with color corrected Digital Files provided BEFORE the wedding, Capital-Saratoga Region.

› Custom mobile App with 30 photographer selected images for your phone or tablet.

› Photo Books, up to 50 fully retouched photos, with custom layout (Additional photos can be added).

› Leather Albums, up to 50 fully retouched photos, with custom layout (Additional photos can be added).

› Custom retouched art prints, canvases, cards, signing books, etc.


Book and album images and images for art prints are retouched free.
Books and albums start at 10x10 inches with 50 photos. Larger sizes are available. Smaller "parent books" are available.
Second photographers are added as a custom enhancement to your contract and pricing depends on amount of time, travel, etc
Engagement sessions are done in the Capital or Saratoga regions, available Mon-Thurs.
Wedding day digital files are color corrected.
Prints ordered from the online gallery are color corrected. Retouching is available.
A PDF with detailed photos and information about all that I offer is available.
NY state sales tax is not included in pricing and will be collected where applicable.
Pricing and specifications may change without notice.

Booking Information

A contract signed by client and accepted and signed by photographer and payment for most weddings of a $750 retainer formally books and reserves your date. The remaining balance is due in full 30 days before the wedding.

Contact Me At This Link Today so I can learn about your wedding day and offer you a custom quote for wedding photography.