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A different Saratoga Springs wedding venue is the National Museum of Dance.

A wedding at the National Museum of dance allows me to make great wedding photos as a wedding photographer Saratoga Springs. There is so much open space and there are the very formal spaces around the prestigious museum. It provides an interesting mix and contrast of available spaces where you can have a great wedding.

As a unique wedding photographer Saratoga Springs, I find that couples don’t always know precisely what they want from their Saratoga wedding photographer. One of the best features of being a very experienced wedding photographer in Saratoga is that I can offer lots of guidance and answer lottos the questions you may have. It’s likely that you haven’t been married too many times before. Keep in mind that I’ve worked with hundreds and hundreds of wedding couples in my decades of work as a Saratoga NY wedding photographer.

There may be simple questions. There may be posts where you need guidance. I can help you with all of that.

And in the end it will mean that you have a wedding that is well planned where we can create some great relaxed wedding photos.

Like this image of Brendan and Nicole in their Saratoga Springs NY wedding. This is a great example of the relaxed wedding portraits with a couple that love to do. Couples don't have to give up hours out of their day to wait and to pose. We can find 10 minutes here, 15 minutes there where just the three of us can get away from everyone. Usually I like to take couples portraits at a Saratoga NY wedding like this. In little blocks. That way we can take advantage of the best light, the best setting as they present themselves to us. Most wedding photographers will want to carve out a couple of hours for photos, and will have an extensive checklist.

Well, we decided that during a certain time-window at their National Museum of Dance wedding that we would head outside for 15 minutes. This way we didn’t monopolize the couple’s time and could head out when the light was best. A casual walk, directed by me. Some standing together in a relaxed and natural pose, directed by me. Heading to a spot the couple wanted to use. We made some great wedding photos on the National Museum of Dance grounds. And before they knew it, the couple returns to their reception, ready for a party!

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Location: National Museum of Dance.

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