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Top Of The World Wedding Photos

All of the guys were together. We were near a nice spot. So, I grabbed them and we made this great relaxed wedding group photo during a Top of the World wedding in Lake George NY.

It’s a different kind of wedding group photo, and is exactly the kind of idea I like coming up with. Sure, we’ll always do some standard group and family photos at every wedding. That’s part of what I do. But I’ll never stop looking for the chance to make something different, something better for you.

The personality comes out, the feeling of the day comes through. And you’ll end up with relaxed wedding photos that you’ll want to have on your wall, not just tucked away on a USB drive in a drawer.

Top of the World Weddings.

This is a small farmhouse type of setting. But the real feature is the view. There is a stunning view that makes for one of the best spots for Lake George wedding photos. And by having your wedding there, you get that! It’s a high up view of the lake and the mountains. And the sun sets at just the right angle to illuminate it all in drop dead gorgeous light late in the day when we’ll be taking some great relaxed portraits.

Unique Lake George Wedding Photographer

Looking for a unique photographer? Hello, I’m Mitch and I come from a background of a couple decades as a news photojournalist. There is so much wedding photography being produced that looks the same. The same pre-made packages when you book. The same checklist of what will be photographed on the wedding day. And the same style of photography that relies on washing everything out, or using pre-purchased Photoshop filters to make the photos look like “something”. And they end up looking like everyone else’s.

My motivating mantra is “moments, not just poses”. Sure, you’ll get the posed group photos you need of family and friends. But you’ll also get many, many more photos of you living and reacting and enjoying and sharing.

You and Me and your Lake George NY Wedding.

I would love to show you more of my Lake George NY wedding photos.

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No, you won’t end up getting lots of emails from me. No I won’t message you on social media all of a sudden. Yes, you’ll get the chance to interact with a well experienced full time photographer who is genuinely interested in finding that next client who fits well with what he does and can benefit from his years of experience and his style of photography.

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Location: Top of the World, Lake George, NY.

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