canfield casino wedding photos
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canfield casino wedding photos

Canfield Casino wedding reception ends..As a photographer upstate NY I look for the big dramatic moments at every wedding. I look for the small and intimate things that happen. My different wedding photographs from the Adirondack region show the offbeat wedding photos that I strive to make. To be sure, I don’t just do different things for the sake of being different. But what I hope to do is offer something outside of traditional wedding photography which appeals to a couple searching for photographers in saratoga springs ny who offer something outside the mainstream...As a photojournalist wedding photographer I do have great group wedding photo ideas. I do offer great wedding portrait ideas and we do shoot great couples portraits. But traditional wedding photographers leave off there. And spend lots of time on wedding formal photos. I spend the time we need. Then I continue shooting throughout the day. Many people call this candid wedding photography. But it is so much more. Alvin and Rebecca surrounded lovingly by all their friends in a huge circle on the dance floor of the Canfield Casino ballroom is hardly a candid image. It is a defining moment of their wedding that they will remember always. And you need a photographer who will bring that home for you.

Location: Canfield Casino.

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