first look wedding photos
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first look

first look wedding photos

As a wedding photographer Saratoga NY, I work in lots of the Saratoga Springs wedding venues. At this Saratoga golf and polo wedding, Meghan reacts as she and Dan share a first look before their wedding ceremony. The first look is a great opportunity to get some wonderful and intimate wedding photos. Instead of seeing each other at the ceremony, you’re able to share a quiet private moment together, having a bonding moment. It all happens quietly and privately, instead of in front of a room full of people. For some brides, it can even help calm the nerves before a wedding...I’ve shot first look wedding photos in many Saratoga wedding venues such as Saratoga Polo weddings, Canfield casino weddings, Saratoga National weddings and many many other locations in the area.

Location: Saratoga Golf and Polo.

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