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wedding day emotion

Emotional bride...At their Canfield Casino Saratoga springs wedding, a bride looks at her new husband during a quiet moment between the two of them. The party in the ballroom may have been in full swing with paying and dancing and visiting and people having fun. But Kendra connected with Brendan amidst all of the partying and together they had a simple moment, just a bride and a groom at their wedding....At a historic Saratoga wedding venue such as Canfield Casino it’s easy for a traditional wedding photographer to be focused on the details, the architecture. the feeling of a luxury wedding that this one of a kind space gives. As a saratoga ny photographer and more specifically a saratoga wedding photojournalist I keep looking after we’ve taken those standard pictures. I work to see and to find these moments that speak to the feelings a couple has for each other. Photos that speak to the reason they were married in the first place.

Location: Canfield Casino.

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