Rainy Day Wedding Photos
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Rainy Day Wedding Photos

....Rainy day wedding photos..Planning a New York wedding is complex. There are so me details to think of, and so many aspects of the day that require your attention months in advance of the actual day. One question I'm asked often by my clients as a New York wedding photographer is "what happens if it rains on the wedding day?"..The simplest answer I can give any couple searching for a wedding photographer in New York is; there is nothing that we can do about the weather, so let's just plan for great weather on your wedding day, but have some idea in advance of what we will do if your wedding day weather is less than ideal...I have photographed hundreds of weddings in my career as a documentary wedding photographer. The conditions were I have taken wedding photographs range from beautiful spring days with blue skies, to the highest heat of summertime, two beautiful crisp and cool fall days, to working as the remnants of a tropical storm blow through the area, to photographing as several feet of snow fell on a mountain wedding. The thing to remember about the weather on your wedding day is that there is nothing you can do to control it. So the best approach is to just have a backup plan and to embrace whatever the weather is...And just put it out of your mind...Overcast and showery conditions can produce some beautiful, soft lighting which makes for wonderful natural light wedding photography. Stormy conditions can often produce incredibly dramatic clouds, or dynamic weather situations as the storm clears, allowing shafts of light to spill through the stormy skies. These conditions can produce some of my most favorite lighting scenarios that I like to photograph in...So don't worry about the weather on your wedding day, embrace with the day brings, have a back up plan, and most importantly do not start looking at weather forecasts until four or five days before the wedding....

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