Mansion Inn Saratoga Wedding Photography
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Mansion Inn Saratoga Wedding Photography

An outdoor ceremony by the pond. A summer afternoon. Barefoot bride and bridesmaids.

The weather was perfect for a warm summer’s evening for Erika and Jon’s wedding at the Mansion Inn just outside of Saratoga Springs NY.

Their ceremony ended, the bride and groom happily processed out of their outdoor wedding ceremony. They walked a ways away to be along for a moment. I moved away from them and anticipated them moving through the low afternoon sunlight. And, there it was. That beautiful streaming late afternoon summer light, captured in a single image.

So many photographers will add this in Photoshop, producing a fake light source in the photo. But Jon happily looking back towards his new wife and smiling, the two of them walking into the sun, the streaming light. It all produced a warm authentic photo from their wedding day. And best of all, it was real. Something that they will just know in their hearts forever as they look at those first moments of the two of them being married.

Saratoga Springs NY Wedding Photographers

With an approach to your wedding photos that is best described as wedding photojournalism, I’ll create wedding photos that don’t rely solely on a checklist. And you won’t have to stop what you are doing and pose in some odd fashion for me.

You’ll get real photos where you look natural and where I’ll help guide you into looking your best … while still looking like “yourself”.

Visit the website of The Mansion Inn to see what a rustic Saratoga wedding in a historic setting can look like.

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Location: Mansion Inn Bed and Breakfast.

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