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Hall of Springs Wedding Photos

There are so many great and varied locations available to make beautiful Hall of Springs wedding photos.

The venue is beautiful and historic. You’ll be enjoying your wedding in a place that was built a long time ago and offers the charm of a different era. The high ceiling lends an air of drama and a feeling of luxury. The large space can accommodate many guests and allows for a big dance floor even if you have a Saratoga wedding band!

At your Hall of Springs wedding, you will be enjoying one of the great Saratoga wedding venues. But there is a major bonus outside of the incredible historic wedding space where you will be having your wedding reception.

And that bonus is all of the buildings and grounds of the park right outside of the door!

Places to Take Hall of Springs Wedding Photos

The indoor photos will virtually take care of themselves. The architecture will serve as the backdrop for wonderful posed photos as well as great natural wedding photos. It’s hard to miss while inside. A favorite spot is the back room just off the main ballroom where the wedding party is brought before the reception. Though food and drinks are served to the party there, there is usually space in the more intimately sized room where great portraits can be made or casual group photos can be made.

But the real bonus of having a Hall of Springs wedding?

Outdoor photos!

Wedding Photos in Saratoga Spa State Park

First, there is the sweeping lawn right outside the door of your wedding reception. This allows for great clean images. The huge lawn also means we can take advantage of beautiful late afternoon and evening light without having to run everywhere to work around obstructions to the sun.

Second are the covered walkways. From simple brick arches to soaring stone spaces, there are a variety of smaller covered structures where we can take great Saratoga Springs wedding photos. And these spaces are fantastic to use if the weather is less than cooperative. You will be covered so we can make some stunning rainy day wedding photos. If it’s a hot wedding day, you’ll be in the shade. Windy weather on the wedding day? We’ll have some protection from the wind.

Next, are the beautiful historic buildings on the grounds of the state park. They provide excellent details for your wedding photos in Saratoga Springs. These buildings provide a beautiful backdrop for your photos too.

And Another Unique Saratoga Wedding Photo Location?

It’s the natural surroundings of the park itself! Experienced photographers such as myself know all about the great natural locations the park offers for photos. You might have to set aside some extra time for wedding photos since we’d be walking or driving a very short distance. But the rewards are worth it!

There are massive mature trees. There are the historic natural springs and the unique stone formations they create. Streams, open fields and deep woods are a very short distance away from your doorstep.

Do You Want To Speak To A Top Saratoga Wedding Photojournalist?

Well, I’d love to speak with you about your Saratoga wedding photography. You won’t get pestered so Contact Me Right Away before my calendar fills up. It’s never too early to book your Saratoga wedding photographer!

I look forward to hearing from you!


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