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Hall of Springs Wedding

With such an expansive venue, with the grounds of the Saratoga Spa state park right outside the door, there are so many places where great photos can be made if you are having a Hall of Springs wedding.

As a different Saratoga wedding photographer, I know how to take advantage of all of those locations around the venue.

Some of the best places to take wedding photos at a Hall of Springs wedding follow.

Many people will have their wedding at the Hal of Springs outdoors, under the covered arcades. The long brick areas look out on the Saratoga Spa state park. And this photo was taken at the entranceway to one of those areas. A bride has a loving look at her father upon her arrival for her wedding and before the two of them process up the aisle. While the location wasn’t key to the composition of this photo, it was key in that it was far enough away from the ceremony location where the bride and her dad had a few moments virtually alone before the wedding ceremony.

These sorts of moments are the ones where great, different wedding photos can be created. And that’s what I specialize in.

Great Saratoga Springs Wedding Photos

Of course, venturing out into the park right outside the door is great too for wedding photos. You have the beautiful grounds with trees and lawns. You also have the structure of Historic Saratoga Springs NY buildings everywhere you look. And often, the park is not all that crowded so you have free reign to take some great wedding couple photos just about anywhere you would like to go.

If you want a different Saratoga wedding photographer, you might find what I have to say helpful. There are people who are inexperienced wedding photographers. They will often say they can do just about anything you ask.

But it takes a well seasoned professional wedding photographer, who has a unique style and unique way of working, who will create the truly different wedding photos. So much is cookie cutter photography these days with people using the same computer filters and tricks to try to make themselves stand out.

If you work with a top Saratoga wedding photographer like me, I’ll look for emotional moments on the wedding day. I’ll have the skill to anticipate and capture when these quiet emotional moments happen. And I have the relaxed confidence of having done this for years, allowing me to bring that home for you.

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