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Fort William Henry Wedding Photos

Before their Fort William Henry wedding reception, Cheryl and Ryan stand in the beautiful summer sunlight at the top of Prospect Mountain with Lake George and the Adirondack Mountains in the background.

Looking for the Best Lake George Wedding Photographer?

I have worked extensively as a wedding photographer in Lake George. That work has taken me to all kinds of Lake George NY weddings.  From small private camps, to tiny churches in Lake George Village such as Sacred heart church right in town.  From medium sized venues such as Top if the World and the Paulist chapel to the Cleverdale chapel. Far north on the lake to places like the Silver Bay YMCA and Camp Chingachgook.  Right up to the big bold resorts like the Sagamore in Bolton Landing.

Prospect Mountain Wedding Photos

For Cheryl and Ryan’s wedding, we took a drive to the top of Prospect Mountain on a spectacular summer day.  The blue summer sky and clear views were perfect for their wedding portraits.

We moved around the mountain top. I brought in some gentle external lighting.  Something I like to do is work my lighting so that people don’t know it’s there so that your wedding photos will end up looking natural.  I have people tell me all the time that my wedding photos appear to be natural light.  My response is always thank you!  There’s a lot of hard work to make them look that way.

They leaned into each other, the sky was perfect and this frame was made.  We had plenty of time to head back to a couple of other spots on the mountain for portraits.  Then made our way down to the water’s edge in the village of Lake George for their wedding party photos and for a few more portraits with the two of them in the great late day light.  Look at how the light seems to emanate from them and how I made them look warm, like a summer afternoon

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Location: Fort William Henry.

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