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This Top of the World wedding photo in Lake George NY is exactly the kind of different wedding group photo idea that I like to use. Sure, we shoot the standard wedding group photos, and we do them quickly. As a wedding photographer in Lake George, I’m always looking for a place to do relaxed groomsmen photos and relaxed bridesmaids photos. The personality comes out, the feeling of the day comes through. And you’ll end up with relaxed wedding photos that you’ll want to have on your wall, not just tucked away in a small frame.

I want to make art from your wedding day that you’ll want to display and enjoy for years to come. Standard wedding photography often places a pre conceived assembly line photography approach on your day. Sure, the photos can be nice. But unusual wedding photography that is modern and sensitive to the location, the individuals and the day will end up being so much more meaningful to you...For the best Lake George NY wedding photos, you have to allow time for your photographer to find nice spots and relaxed time to let the natural images happen. Sure you can have a wedding group photo plan and there is nothing wrong with shooting a planned list of wedding formals. Hey, you can even contact me for some ideas. But these natural organic group photos which come from a wedding photojournalist can often be some of the most memorable images from the entire day..Keywords: adirondack (51), groomsmen (9), group (12), lake george (36), top of the world (6), wedding (210).