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New York wedding photojournalist..A traditional wedding photographer will have a long checklist of wedding photographs that they will usually provide to you to choose from. As a wedding photo journalist and documentary wedding photographer I certainly create a checklist but it is much shorter. My checklist usually involves organizing family formal photographs, and making note of anything special that must be documented during the day. The bulk of what I do on the wedding day involves documenting the real things that happen at your wedding, the emotions, the spontaneous moments...A traditional wedding photographer we'll have you tied to that checklist and that schedule for your entire wedding day. Working as a wedding photo journalist in Albany, Saratoga Springs, Lake George, the Hudson river valley and Lake Placid, my approach is different...If you work with a documentary wedding photographer you will find that you spend so much more time actually at your wedding, enjoying your guests, in taking part in all of the wonderful things that you've spent so many months planning...As the groom was banished outside of the church, I followed along. It was an old historic church in New England in the groom had to leave so the bride could arrive and be hidden away in a tiny back room. A traditional photographer may not have known what to photograph in this situation. But I knew exactly what to do. I made photographs of the bride arriving and being sequestered into a back room of the historic church. Then I went outside and spent a little bit of time with the groom has he waited on his own. I knew there would be some wonderful image to be made as he reentered the church and because of that assumption I was in place for a wonderful little moment when he was called back in by his sister after the coast was all clear...Looking for a documentary wedding photographer in Albany? Look no further. Fill up my contact form today and get in touch, I'll be glad to talk with you about your wedding........

Location: Henry House Inn.

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