Chingachgook Wedding Photos
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Chingachgook Wedding Photos

This camp Chingackgook Lake George wedding photo was a quiet moment between Meghan and Dan, out on the docks of the Adirondack camp late in the day at their wedding. I enjoy taking the bride and groom away briefly from their wedding with the intent of making some great work as a Chingachgook wedding photographer. With the spectacular mountain scenery all I had to do was bring them to a beautiful spot and leave them alone, taking the first break away from everyone since their wedding ceremony at Camp Chingachgook. The late day light was stunning as always and the two of them just spent some time quietly together. I watched from a distance, allowing them to have a memorable moment alone as bride and groom, allowing me to make an intimate and quiet photo with a great graphic feel to it. When the light is great all by itself, I have the years of experience to see it and to finesse it. Many claim to be natural light wedding photographers. But with the ability to light my subjects when needed, I also have the ability to see the natural light at a wedding, and to use it to its best advantage. Hire a real Lake George wedding photojournalist, one who can produce the intimate wedding photos, the quiet wedding photos and the dramatic wedding photos you will love for years to come.

Location: Camp Chingachgook.

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