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full moon resort wedding photography

.A Full Moon resort wedding in winter was what Mary and Bill had wished for. The spoke quietly about how wonderful it would be if there was snow on their wedding day. After all, for their Catskill wedding, all of their friends and family would be staying at the Catskill mountain resort. Nobody would be traveling. So, why not wish for a storm.

And storm it did. About 18 inches of snow, maybe more. It began coming down early in the day as I worked taking wedding preparation photos. As a Catskill wedding photographer, I’m prepared for all seasons and all conditions. So I was there very early, as the snow was just beginning to come down. As the day progressed top the ceremony, it was snowing in full force. The weather wrapped around the resort and covered all. Guests laughed and enjoyed it. Mary was beyond happy. Leaving cocktail hour, in the swirling snow, Bill grabbed hold of Mary and have her a big kiss. The flakes flew. Spirits soared.

Location: Full Moon Resort.

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