Yaddo engagement photos
Alex and Steve spend a little time on a summer afternoon enjoying each other’s company for their Yaddo engagement photos. A relaxed engagement session will result in natural photos of they two of you looking like …you!


Alex + Steve’s Yaddo Engagement Photos from a Saratoga Wedding Photographer


An engagement session will give you great relaxed photos of yourselves.  This is a wonderful time in your lives and you might not have any professionally-shot photos of the two of you.

Why not have an engagement session?

As a very experienced photographer, I’ll get to know you quickly, will make your comfortable quickly, won’t be demanding odd poses but will be guiding you to help you look your best.



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Saratoga Springs wedding photographer
Engagement sessions are great because we have a little more flexibility in scheduling. So we can aim for a day, and a time of day, where the weather might allow for great natural light.


wedding photographer Saratoga Springs NY
You should choose to have an engagement session because you want nice photos of the two of you together … maybe some of the only professionally shot photos of the two of you together. You don’t have to schedule a session just so you can ‘feel your photographer out’ or ‘get to know’ your photographer. With my decades of experience, you’ll be comfortable and we’ll be old friends within a few minutes.


Saratoga wedding photojournalist
Relaxed portraits of each person are a favorite thing to shoot in an engagement session.


wedding photojournalist saratoga
Natural, relaxed images!


Albany wedding photographer

Saratoga engagement photos
And it’s not ‘one and done’. I like to work each situation a little to get the best lighting, the best expression.


A beautiful Yaddo engagement session!


This is such a great time in your lives. Let’s document the two of you together.


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