Wolferts Roost wedding
Weddings are about so much more than endless posed photos. A beautiful moment at a Wolferts Roost Wedding shared between the bride and groom as Grandma celebrates her birthday with a special cake. It’s all about moments and not just poses. And it’s the way I work as a documentary style Albany wedding photographer.




A Wolfert’

s Roost Wedding by a Different Albany Wedding Photographer


Looking for a different Albany wedding photographer?  Having a Wolferts Roost wedding or a wedding at another Albany country club?

Spend a little time with my blog to see my documentary wedding photography.

You want moments, not just poses from your wedding day.

You need an experienced hand who can provide extensive advance planning which will help your day go so much smoother.

You’ll have a great day where you spend so much more time -at- your wedding, and still end up with great formal photos and so many more real moments than you otherwise would have.  Would you rather have another posed group shot, or a great photo of Grandma celebrating her birthday at your reception?



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Wolfers's Roost wedding albany wedding photographer
Taking time for some relaxed portraits allows more real moments to unfold.


wedding photographer albany
Knowing the great locations and how to utilize them with and without lighting is one benefit to working with me as your Albany wedding photographer.


schenectady wedding photographer
Quiet camaraderie and details can be captured naturally if we allow enough time in the wedding booking for me to spend time with you getting ready.


wedding photographer schenectady
It’s just a typical room in a typical downtown chain hotel …


troy wedding photographer
Natural images will be my goal as your Albany wedding photographer. With my decades of experience, they can be captured spontaneously as in this case, or they can be created with a little gentle guidance.


wedding photographer troy
With an experienced Albany wedding photographer, you won’t automatically need two photographers to have the photos you want. Experience and agility will get you those images, just like these which I shot as a solo photographer of the bride’s processional.


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Faces, moments, emotions. They are all so much better than a pack of posed photos with forced smiles.


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Wolfers's Roost wedding albany
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