Deirdre + Dan’s Winter Engagement Photos Albany Wedding Photographer

winter engagement photos
Deirdre + Dan’s winter engagement photos. Winter is a time of year I enjoy working as an Albany wedding photographer.


Winter Engagement Photos from an Albany wedding photographer



During our initial consultation, Deirdre and Dan mentioned doing some winter engagement photos.


Deirdre went on to explain the connection she had with her grandmother, and listening to stories from her involving snow.


The quiet romance of a snowfall is often lost in our need to get places and accomplish things. For her, that quiet romance was a powerful motivator. I sensed a slight hesitation, a very slight one that I read as ‘this guy might go screaming for the hills if we ask him to freeze in a snowstorm’. See, there couldn’t just “be” snow; it had to BE snowing.


I completely agreed.



winter engagement photos albany ny
Enjoying the quiet and solitude of a winter engagement photo shoot.



So, that first major snowfall came. There was an excited message immediately from Deirdre but unfortunately we couldn’t make the schedule work. And in typical fashion, the storm was going to clear off and we were going to get wind so things were just not looking right. Then, the pattern held and another storm moved up the northeast conveyor belt. We jumped at the chance.



winter engagement photos
The overcast light is perfect for faces.



Deirdre and Dan were game, but I’m not so sure they knew that it meant to drag a photojournalist out into the wild. I had extra layers. Hand warmers. Pre-froze the cameras. Loaded extra batteries and dry hats/gloves into my coat. We weren’t going to go to the edge of Washington park in Albany, a hop-slip-jump from their home, and snap a couple of frames. I was prepared to go as far and as long as they wanted.

And we walked into the quiet romance of the snow..



albany wedding photojournalist.
Alone in Washington park.


best albany wedding photographer.
Walking through the snow.


engagement photo ideas
A great location and a fun moment.



wedding ring detail photo
An engagement ring detail photo, done a little differently.



Just a simple, nice, moment.
Just a simple, nice, moment.


Of course I will make some standard nice portraits of the couple.
Of course I will make some standard nice portraits of the couple.



Just let me know if you would like to see more of their engagement session. I produce a lot of photos from each session.



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