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The Adirondack Mountain sunlight cascades across Meghan and Brian at their Sagamore wedding. A Sagamore wedding in Bolton Landing is a favorite location for me as a wedding photographer Lake George.



Meghan + Brian’s Sagamore Wedding – Wedding Photographer Lake George


Bright in the Adirondack sunlight, the scenery around the Sagamore glowed.

Down by the edge of the lake Meghan and Brian were married.

Walking across the long-lawn in front of the historic hotel, their family and guests headed to their lakeside reception.

Such a beautiful day and beautiful place for an Adirondack wedding at the Sagamore.


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Relaxed portraits give you the photos where you look like you! A complicated posing scheme and hours of time away from your guests aren’t needed for you to have great wedding photos of yourselves.


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The beautiful scenery is in every direction you look and can be captured by me when I work for you as a Bolton Landing wedding photographer at The Sagamore.


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Spending time with either the bride or groom getting ready can produce photos that are all about camaraderie, about relationships and emotions. This time doesn’t have to be about endless posed photos from a checklist or self-indulgent images by a photographer who wants to shoot a makeup brush an inch from your eye.


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The culmination of the getting-ready time is always emotional. It can be tears, it can be cheers. But it’s always a great portion of the day for photos!


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As a nontraditional Bolton Landing wedding photographer, I’ll still give you great relaxed group photos.


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Throughout the day, I’m always looking for great locations or great light where I can mea a quick single or couples portrait.


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The beautiful and dramatic outdoor area makes for great Sagamore wedding photos.


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Let’s talk about me becoming your Sagamore wedding photographer!


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Emotions and reactions, whether they happen naturally, or happen naturally during a quick controlled portrait, always attract my attention.


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Beautiful group photos from your wedding can be done quickly. The advance planning services I provide my clients helps have this part of the day super organized well in advance. And my skill in adding lighting where needed means you’ll have great looking group and formal photos which won;t take up lots of time.


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I’ll always make the standard shot you’d expect from a situation, such as the toasts. But it doesn’t end there once I have that safe photo. There is always a different shot to be made, a reaction to capture.


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Family. Interactions beyond just a group shot. A little extra lighting gently added to the scene.


Let me be your Sagamore wedding photographer under the Adirondack stars.

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