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Timeless and classic. My American made, hand bound leather album. This isn’t the type of quality you will get DIY from an inexpensive online storefront but is something you will get from a top wedding photographer in Saratoga.


Album advice from a Wedding Photographer in Saratoga


You think you don’t want a wedding album. You think you will just do it yourself from an inexpensive online wedding album company.

As a wedding photographer in Saratoga, I have decades of experience shooting weddings in all areas and wedding venues in Saratoga Springs NY.

Today, so many couples ask only about digital files. And that’s fine. But digital cameras aren’t toasters, where you push a button and the universal thing we all accept as “toast” comes out. The assumption is that you push the button on a camera and a fully realized, retouched, perfect artistic image just appears. Not by a long shot …

I am the one who takes all of that raw, cold data that a camera produces and turns it into the photos you see on my blog and web site. Computers and photoshop actions don’t do that. And if all you want from your photographer is digital files, then all you’re going to get are “digital negatives” which will need to be brought to life.

One of the ways I bring your images to life is in a book, an album or with an art-print.

And these beautifully prepared images are all collected in … an album.


Visit my main website to see much more of my work and how, as an experienced photographer, I can make you look your best and keep your day running smoothly.

Today, let’s talk about the leather wedding album


My albums are different from my coffee table books. The pages are actual full bleed photographs. They layout is custom (just like the coffee table book). This album is hand bound in the US. It’s a beautiful product that will serve you and your family well for decades.


With all of my books and albums, there never are any hidden fees or upgrade charges, like cover charges. The album you saw in our meeting is the album that is available to you.



saratoga wedding photographer
A beautiful leather bound album from a Saratoga wedding


saratoga wedding photographer
This sort of high quality binding isn’t available from one of those inexpensive online places.


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Just look at the beautiful work, done by hand from the American bindery I use.


The leather album is generally a little larger, heavier, with thick pages that can’t be bent. It is a dramatic statement and a timeless presentation. And keep in mind that what one company calls a leather album may not be of this quality and made with the attention to detail as this one is. Often, they are bulk printed overseas.


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Imagine this beautiful book of your family history on a table in your home.



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My albums come with a storage box in black, white or a daring metallic paper like this copper offering.


Let’s talk about your album today. I love talking with my clients after their wedding, when they have all of their beautiful images in hand, so that we can make a custom wedding album for them.