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Kristen and Jon share a moment outdoors in the December chill, readying themselves for the frenzy that will be their Glen Sanders Mansion New year’s Eve wedding reception. Working with the holiday lights on such an energy filled holiday is a Schenectady wedding photographers dream.



A Schenectady Wedding Photographers New years Eve Glen Sanders Wedding


Of all the dates Schenectady wedding photographers could be out photographing a wedding, New Year’s Eve is certainly one of the more unusual ones! Kristen and Jon wanted a party and were planning coming back into town for their wedding. So they just thought, hey … New Year’s Eve!


It was a great wedding at Glen Sanders mansion and a fun evening for all that was quite the out-of-the-ordinary wedding day!


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With friends gathered around, Kristen begins the countdown to the new year at her Glen Sanders mansion wedding.


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The quiet moments of preparation before a wedding are about so much more than staged photos of makeup being applied. Kristen quietly worked on her vows, her dress ready to go.


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My skill at creating artificial lighting has been perfected over decades. But when an opportunity exists to make a great natural light wedding photo, such as this favorite image of Jon getting dressed, I am drawn to the gift of beautiful light and use my extensive experience to finesse it into a great image.


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Of course there are the funny and the fun moments that happen all throughout the wedding day. Extensive experience as a photojournalist means I know how to capture them for you!


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Wedding photos glen sanders mansion
Great natural light, and the ability to see and use it, combined with my skill at adding artificial light helps create great portraits of both Kristen and Jon.


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Looking between the big moments yields some wonderful, quiet, yet meaningful images of the feelings from the wedding day.


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And even with very restrictive church rules, I can still get some great ceremony images for you.


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The first dance can be so much more than a single posed photo of a bride and groom, staged cheek to cheek. There are fun images, ones with emotion and reactions to be captured.


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Keeping an eye on the key people during the reception helps me bring back photos for you that are so much more than just group shots or staged photos.


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Of course I’ll always take plenty of group and formal photos for you! But these won’t be the majority, or the only, photos you’ll receive from your wedding.


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Book me for enough time shooting on the wedding day. Allow for it in the schedule of the day and I can shoot all of the traditional group, formal and family photos. Extended time with each couple can also be scheduled so that we can get some great portraits of the two of you.

A wedding is about so much more than endless photos of jewelry and pictures of makeup being applied. And it’s more than endless group shots!