hiland park country club wedding photographer
A bride and groom say thanks to mom for all she did at their wedding. These are the sorts of images I love to create as a Hiland Park Country Club wedding photographer.


Hiland Park Country Club Wedding Photographer


Later in the evening at a Hiland Park Country Club wedding in Queensbury, NY, the bride and groom said thanks to Mom for all she had done for them.


It was a simple moment, but one that had deep significance. As a wedding photojournalist and documentary wedding photographer, I’m always trying to find the images like this from the little moments during the day. That’s what is so special about photojournalistic wedding photography and a documentary wedding photographer. You’ll get the standard formal photos that anyone can shoot. Except mine will be done in record time, allowing you to join with your family and friends.


And yes you’ll get the great couple’s portraits that you expect from your wedding photographer.


But there will be so much more. Real photos, real moments. The ones like this that my couples and their families treasure long after the wedding day is over. And working as your Hiland Park Country Club wedding photographer, I’ll bring these moments home for you. With my decades of experience, I know how to keep you relaxed during a well organized day. And I know how to make you look your best since I have so many years of experience doing this as a full time Adirondack photographer.


It’s the simple moments which, as your Queensbury wedding photographer , I’ll always look for.


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