Hall of Springs wedding photos
Some favorite Hall of Springs wedding photos from Allison + Elliot’s fine fall wedding.



Hall of Springs Wedding Photos from a Fall Saratoga Springs Wedding


At a stately Hall of Springs wedding, the historic building and grounds provided the stage for Allison and Elliot’s Saratoga Springs wedding. With the grounds of the state park and the historic interior spaces, there are always plenty of places for great Hall of Springs wedding photography.


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Wedding photography Hall of Springs
Fall surrounds the Hall of Springs making it an even more beautiful spot for a Saratoga Springs wedding


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A fun toast by the friends of the groom, then it’s off to the ceremony!


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My work as a Saratoga wedding photographer isn’t super heavy on details. But I always love taking a photo of the rings because of what they symbolize.


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The moment always arrives for the mother of the bride, when she sees all of the preparations finally coming together and her daughter is, suddenly, a bride.


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There is always time for some relaxed portraits, whether they take place moments after a bride is dressed or are captured candidly moments before she walks down the aisle.


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Having many detail photos of possessions can be fun, but in the long run, the nuanced detail photos, such as Allison’s dad holding her hand right before they walked up the aisle, are the ones you’ll treasure. A wedding photojournalist can capture these for you.


hall of springs wedding photos
Elliot sees Allison coming up the aisle. Even as a solo photographer, I can capture these moments for you.


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Allison takes a final look at her father, then processes up the aisle to her waiting groom. It’s these quiet moments that I capture which will mean so much to you years from now.


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Your Hall of Springs wedding photographer needs to have a command of lighting as well as an ability to finesse the existing light so that great images can be created in the large ballroom.


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Always looking for the image that shows emotion, or encapsulates a feeling from the wedding day, that’s my goal as a wedding photojournalist.