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Beautiful natural light bursts into the church during Daniele + Christian’s wedding. This dramatic type of image is the sort I love to shoot as a different Schenectady wedding photographer


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Sunlight streams into the church for Danielle + Christian’s wedding.


Looking for a different Schenectady wedding photographer?


If you’re looking for different Schenectady wedding photographer consider someone who is a real wedding photojournalist and a documentary wedding photographer. I never fiddle with great natural light. My work isn’t dependent on producing the same photos week in and week out, shooting them the same way every time.


A guest once asked me before a ceremony how I was going to “balance” the light in a venue which ran, dramatically, from light to dark. He was surprised when I said “I’m not going to.” Knowing how to use natural light makes me a great natural light wedding photographer. But that’s not a crutch or a code word I use as some newer photographers do by saying they are a natural light wedding photographer but meaning they don’t know how to use lighting when appropriate or when desperately needed.


I don’t think the world exists in flat, non-directional light and I don’t want to make photos always, deliberately, look like that. As an example, above are a couple of pictures from Danielle and Christan’s wedding in Schenectady. I’d never dream of trying to “fix” the beautiful late-fall afternoon light that streamed in through one of the windows of the church.


That is how their ceremony looked and felt. I wanted to capture that atmosphere in the church so they could remember not just how their wedding ceremony looked, but how it felt.
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