Samantha + Corey’s Canfield Casino Wedding – Saratoga Wedding Photographer

Canfield Casino wedding photos

Samantha and Corey are the center of attention at their beautiful Tuscan table surrounded by their guests at their Canfield Casino wedding.


Samantha + Corey’s Canfield Casino Wedding – Saratoga Springs Wedding Photographer


Samantha and Corey spent their wedding day at one of the most storied locations in the area for a wedding; Canfield Casino in Saratoga.

With a wedding ceremony at St Peter’s Church in downtown Saratoga, wedding party photos in Congress Park and a reception at the historic Casino ballroom, theirs was a quintessential Saratoga Wedding!


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Once the sun goes down, you want wedding photos with subtle lighting which looks and feels like your wedding looked and felt.


Canfield Casino wedding Saratoga NY

Always looking for the moments, not just setting up poses. The little moments I’ll photograph at your wedding will help you remember not just the day, but will help you remember how parts of it felt to you.


St Peters church wedding saratoga Springs NY

Sam walking to her wedding at St peter’s Church in Saratoga Springs.


St Peters Church wedding

The wedding ceremony at St Peter’s church in downtown Saratoga Springs.


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A Canfield casino wedding means we’ll have so many locations available to us, both indoors and outside, where we can make great couples portraits.


congress park wedding photos

With a beautiful day, and some added lighting, we created great wedding party photos in downtown Saratoga Springs in Congress Park. With a Canfield Casino wedding, the park is right outside the door and available for group photos!


wedding photos congress park saratoga

Couples portraits in Congress Park with Sam and Corey.


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It’s a skill, knowing when and how to use beautiful natural light. But it’s great to have a photographer who can supplement that great natural light, or recreate it.


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There is nothing like a Canfield Casino wedding reception. And it’s great when the wedding is at a time of the year when it’s still daylight for the beginning of the reception.


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Beautiful subtle lighting which captures the feeling of a wedding at the Casino. Once the sun goes down, your wedding photos don’t have to be grainy or odd colored. Nor do they have to be all super bright, flat-lit photos that look nothing like what your wedding looked like.


wedding photojournalist saratoga springs

Time for relaxed couples portraits outdoors, right around sunset, or maybe just a little after, is always a favorite part of my day as a Saratoga wedding photographer!


Relaxed couples portraits which won’t take up hours of your time!

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