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A favorite photo of mine as an Albany wedding photographer is this dramatic one from Jamie and Chris’ Albany cathedral wedding. You want wedding photos that don’t look like all the standard ones you see from every other photographer!



A Beautiful Cathedral Wedding from an Albany Wedding Photographer


A beautiful summer day. Jamie and Chris’ wedding at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Albany, a favorite setting for me to work as an Albany wedding photographer. A reception at the Albany Country Club.
Enjoy the photos of their spectacular summer day!


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albany country club wedding
Relaxed time is spent with each couple I work with, taking advantage of great natural light such as this late day photo at the Albany Country Club, helps me make memorable wedding photos for you.


wedding photographer albany
Wedding photos that are different, unique, spontaneous and real are the ones you’ll want to have have on your walls and not just in some Facebook post where they will fade from your life.


albany cathedral wedding
Spontaneous moments, real emotions.


cathedral of the immaculate conception albany wedding
Real moments reflecting the feelings on your wedding day.


wedding at albany country club

Relaxed group photos at the bride’s home and at the Cathedral before the wedding.


Yes, I took all of these photos myself. From multiple angles. Of the same moment. That’s what an experienced photographer can do for you! You don’t automatically need two shooters at your wedding just to make up for the shortcomings of less experienced photographers.


cathedral wedding Albany
And again, the same moment, photographed from different angles by me working alone at Jamie and Chris’ Albany cathedral wedding


A relaxed wedding party photo at the Albany Country Club.


Your first dance photos will look great regardless of the lighting at your reception. These two images of Jamie and Chris’ first dance show the skill I have as an experienced photographer in adding lighting to an existing scene to make a great image as well as respecting and using the natural light available to me.


My subtle addition of lighting brings out the expressions and respects the feeling of the scene. Do you really want wedding reception photos where everything is in bright, flat-white lighting? Is that how your reception looked?


Moments are so much more meaningful than poses.


Albany wedding venues

Albany NY wedding
A classic portrait with subtle lighting I added which appears very natural.


Albany country club wedding
I’ll say it again, moments are so much more meaningful than poses.



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