Albany country club wedding
Beautiful prints, such as these from an Albany Country Club wedding, are some of the most important things you can have.



Wedding Prints from an Albany Country Club Wedding


You need to print your wedding photos!


There are plenty of great ways to use today’s digital technology to share and view your wedding photos. And, I provide some great ways for you to do that.


But a beautifully printed image is something permanent from your wedding day, something that anyone can see, something that will remind you of a great moment in your lives.


Let me make some great prints for you. Do it yourself online printing is OK for something quick and not meant to last, such as a thank you image inserted into a hand written card. A print created by me goes so much further than pressing “buy” at some computerized site.


I know the scene, the moment the image was taken because I was the one who created it, just like these from an Albany country club wedding! That enables me to be the one who can really bring the moment back to life with my retouching skills. When you order an art print from me, we go through several rounds of retouching and custom cropping to bring the image to its full potential and to make sure everything is just the way you want it.


Then, I manage the printing process with a professional high quality lab which will ensure a print with better colors and far more archival stability than those inexpensive drugstore or online prints.


But don’t miss the most important point: Photos don’t emerge from a digital camera in a finished state. An experienced artist such as myself is the one who can bring those photos to their full potential and can bring them to life. And don’t be fooled by photographers who promise you “1,000 fully retouched photos” from your wedding. They are just run through an automatic Photoshop action, kind of like an Instagram filter.


That won’t take out an exit sign or debris on the ground. That won’t make your skin look like you had more sleep the night before the wedding than you really did. The impression of the lighting, the folds of a dress … all are handled by hand by and experienced artist. Then, each image is matted and ready for framing.


Let’s make some beautiful prints from your wedding!


Contact me today and we can talk about making some great artwork for you.