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grandview wedding photographer

As a wedding photographer upstate New York I work often as a Hudson Valley wedding photographer. This Poughkeepsie Grandview wedding photo was taken during the reception. I often like to take my clients out of the reception for 10 or 15 minutes late in the evening or around sunset. It gives them a few minutes to catch their breath on the wedding day after all of the intense activity. It also gives us a few quiet moments to make some nice portraits of the couple. We went outside near the Hudson River and I just let the couple stay together and decompress a little from all the fun and noise of the reception at The Grandview. Putting themselves in a situation like this where they could be natural and with me staying back, a very relaxed and natural image resulted.Keywords: couple (24), hudson valley (6), moment (15), portrait (19), poughkeepsie grandview (2), wedding (70).