batcheller mansion inn wedding photos
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batcheller mansion inn wedding photos

This Batcheller Mansion wedding in Saratoga Springs NY was on a perfect late summer day. We gathered for a wedding party photo for Kyle and Josh’s wedding in front of the historic Saratoga Springs wedding venue. As a Saratoga NY wedding photographer, I prefer to take a relaxed approach to the formal wedding party photos instead of arranging everyone in a big straight line. With the historic building in the background we did the photos in the late afternoon. With my approach as a Saratoga wedding photojournalist, we can take just a few minutes before the cocktail hour to do photos like this. So out we went to the front for a garden wedding party photo. Though this looks like natural light wedding photography, there is actually a small amount of auxiliary light that I use when shooting weddings. Of course I never mess with great natural light. But I also have extensive lighting skills which let me bring an image like this to a higher finished quality. Having high level lighting skills means that I’m able to visualize lighting. After all, that’s how you light something, by seeing what you want the finished product to look like … in your mind before you even shoot. That visualization skill helps me as a wedding photographer upstate NY to see the natural light more deeply and completely than other photographers who only claim to work with natural light. Send me an inquiry from my contact page today so you can talk to the top Saratoga NY wedding photographer.

Location: Batcheller Mansion.

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